Goals of project were:

Transmission the knowledge /exchange the experience, competence, innovative methods and practise in vocational and special education.

Use of methods of long learning education as upgrading of formal education and practice.

Improvement and update knowledge for management with human resources

Achievement the practical knowledge in international area

Larger interest of adults for international perfecting and education in foreign country

Establishment the international connection of educational in foreign country

Establishment the international connection of educational organisations.


Importance of project was mostly in trans national mobility, which allowed to participants transmission/exchange of innovative methods and practise in vocational and special educating.  At that way they easier found the new and quality (verify) accessions and methods of educating of all who would work with education of persons and human resources in companies. The project proposal was as beginning of sustainable cooperation (visit the Scottish colleagues in Slovenia, transmission our knowledge in Scotland).


The exchange of project ŠKIS we prepared together with national partners organisation Zavod IZRAZ Ljubljana and with international partners organisation ARCH from Scotland (Great Britain), with which we cooperate for four years in program Leonardo da Vinci. It financed by Program Leonardo da Vinci. Our NA in Slovenia is CMEPIUS.


The exchange was in Scotland in Great Britain, province Central Scotland. The accommodation was in town Comrie (seat of organisation ARCH), in nearest of town Stirling.

Duration of exchange: 10th – 21th of September 2006

The project included 21 participants (– students of high special school, program Communal. All they are regularity employ in different companies as a managers of communal companies, where are mentors (tutors). All had finished V. grade of education. The project ŠKIS they saw as a good opportunities for international exchange of experience on communal domain, mostly on leading the people. They also got contact with similar communal organisations, for future cooperation. With get involving on system regular special perfecting in similar organisations – concrete in England, they got to know organisation’s structure in different communal companies in England. Time for exchange they used for quality in sense partnership – transmission of good practise, superstructure of practise and education with elements life long learning education. They also occupied to further cooperation on program Leonardo da Vinci as a hosting organisation in Slovenia.

“This project has been founded with support from European Commission.  ”


Project partners: