Project UP

16 participants of seminar worked  in groups and individual. The seminar included lecture—technical parts and also practical parts—individual /group work, presentations, ice breaks—games, evaluations, … each participant also got the brochure of Project Cycle Management and certify.

We realised this project by finance support of USA Embassy. In 4 days the participants got to know the theoretical rules of project work which they used in practical cases—their project proposals. They learned how to find good idea and transformed into the project proposal and with that find the program and finance source. They acquainted with the most popular  public invitations. They got specific information about programs Leonardo da Vinci, Youth and Eea grants.

In the project proposal you have to define the problem and clear program activities. All EU program based on at least one international partner. The participants got experiences also with searching the partners. One of the important part of each project is also popularisation of the project and presentation to the target groups, potential financers and indirect publicity.

They got to know the methods of good presentation and they used in their  practical presentation. They learned the quality comment as »sandwich« returned information. They upgraded their project proposal on comments of participants.  The seminar include different work methods: group game, presentation of participants, work in couples, groups, individual. The theory complemented with practical examples of leader of seminar.

Every day finished with  evaluation of the day, which showed the feeling of participants during the day. The seminar had three parts—introduction days, one week break for home work and final days. In the time of break the participants prepared all details of their project proposals, they put them in official application forms and sent to VITRA. The leader of seminar checked all project and wrote his comments.  In the last days of seminar the participants completed the project proposals and prepared for public presentation.  

The results of seminar were 5 interesting projects.  With project COVEVO - Center za obnovljive vire energije in varstvo okolja (Centre for renewable use of energy and environment protection) will Regional development agency Pivka contest to EEA grants.

For invitation of program Leonardo da Vinci will go three projects:

-Biomasa za razvoj podeželja (Biomass for countryside development) Strojni krožek Krpan Cerknica

 -Mladi brezposelni na poti do znanja (Youngest unemployed persons in the way of knowledge) Ljudska univerza Postojna

-Martin Krpan—Vrtec Cerknica (Kindergarden Cerknica)

The student club of Notranjska prepared the project TAKO ZAME KOT ZATE – EVROPA  (AS FOR ME AS FOR YOU—EUROPE) which will be send to program Youth.

All prepared project have common goal—sustainable development of region with using the knowledge which will support Eco region. Mostly project COVEVO , which connect nature and human potency of region. This is also confirm representative of American Embassy, who listened presentation of project proposals last day of seminar. The project focused in effective use of energy and renewable source of energy , which reduce unwelcome climatic changes which consequences cause big problems also in USA.

Polje z besedilom: The financers support only good projects. Their preparation demand clearest, accuracy and knowledge of project work. One day educations are usually not enough for achievement enough knowledge for successful project. In 4 days of intensive »school« work and one week »home work« was enough time that we prepared project proposals by the rule of project work.
Igor Blažina, participants of seminar

"This project was funded, in part, through a U.S. Embassy grant. The opinion, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed herein are those of the Authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the Department of State"