Culture, History and Nature Together in Contemporary Art

Prepared Tita Brecelj

Friday, 16TH OF MAY, 2008

We are going to the see!

We went to the cost, and first stop it was in Štanjel. Very old small town that has some special beauty. Next stop it was in Sežana, just to see the Botanic garden. And than saltpans in Sečovje. We also watch interesting movie how the saltpans were made and when.

After that we had a snack on the bus.


Thursday, 15TH OF MAY, 2008

Today we were cleaning and finishing all the products we've made through the week.

After lunch we went to Cerknica and we had presentation of our work. It went well. It wasn't to long, neither to short.

Also people in public were agreed I think.

After that we had dessert that cooking workshop made. It was so good! And also the dinner in Dolenja vas pri Cerknici wasn't bad at all.

After dinner we went back to Postojna and talked about the whole week near by fire.

WednEsday, 14th of may, 2008

We were finishing our costumes for the presentation, because we won't have much time tomorrow.

So today almost everything is done.

After lunch we were all nervous because we'll be walking through the fire later in the afternoon...



We met in high school and start working at 9.00. It was very comfortable company so it wasn't hard to work at all.

In Thursday we'll have a presentation of what we've done in this week. So today we made a plan, what are we going to do in Thursday in Culture's home in Cerknica...



We met in student's home of forestry school in Postojna at 8.30 a.m. Martin had short speech and after that we went each to his group of workshop. There were metal, wood, music, soft art, media and cooking workshops.

We started working at 9.00 a.m.. Workshops were in 2 primary schools, 1 high school and at music school in Postojna.

I was in metal workshop. At the beginning it was a bit hard, but after that it all went very well.

Later in the afternoon we went to Postojna's cave.

It was very easing afternoon.

After dinner a lot of participants went to walk through the town and were showing them beauty of our little town.

...After the lunch we went to a nature park Rakov Škocjan. There are bridges made by nature. It looks so good that you can't move your eyes off of them.

We walked through the park and than back to Postojna.

After the dinner we had free time and we were walking around and talking about the day that has just went by.

...But first we had to get our fears out and get in contact with fire psychical.

We were lucky, cause weather was really good!

So at 9.00 p.m. we started to walking through the fire. Some of us were sitting at the benches near by and just watching.

And we spend one more day successfully!

Next stop – Piran. We had free time about 3 and a half hours that we spend on the beach.

Some of our participants went to the see! It was cold, but for Scots it was warm.

Than we went back home and we had a very nice evening, just talking and wishing that we'll see each other soon.

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